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April 19, 2015

Marie & Alex

A happy & joyful love story of Marie & Alex


Ceremony : Broadway Chapel

Reception : Melange Cafe

3K2A0610 s

3K2A0612 s

3K2A0656 s

3K2A0619 s

3K2A0628 s

3K2A0634 s

3K2A0661 s

3K2A0689 bw s

3K2A0721 bw ds

3K2A0744 s

3K2A0696 s

3K2A0784 s

3K2A0748 s

3K2A0813 s

3K2A0824 s

3K2A0847 bw s

3K2A0871 s

3K2A0861 s

3K2A0876 s

3K2A0886 s

3K2A0897 s

3K2A0906 s

_MG_9273 s

3K2A0937 s

3K2A0940 bw s

3K2A0930 bw s

3K2A0942 bw s

_MG_9287 s

_MG_9305 s

_MG_9321 s

3K2A0963 s

3K2A0958 s

3K2A0953 s

3K2A0972 s

3K2A0985 ds

3K2A0992 bw s

3K2A1000 s

3K2A1009 bw s

_MG_9337 s

3K2A1117 s

3K2A1038 ds

3K2A1076 s

3K2A1073 s

_MG_9339 s

3K2A1026 s

3K2A1096 s

3K2A1104 s

3K2A1053 ds

3K2A1130 s

3K2A1063 s

3K2A1134 s

3K2A1147 s

3K2A1154 s

3K2A1185 s

3K2A1170 bw s

3K2A1158 bw s

3K2A1176 bw s

3K2A1196 BW s

3K2A1208 s

_MG_9344 s

3K2A1264 bw s

_MG_9357 bw s

3K2A1258 s

3K2A1347 s

3K2A1280 ds

3K2A1290 s

3K2A1281 s

3K2A1294 s

_MG_9405 s

3K2A1421 s

3K2A1434 s

3K2A1395 s

3K2A1457 s

3K2A1466 s

3K2A1497 s

3K2A1526 s

3K2A1509 s

3K2A1586 s

3K2A1552 s

3K2A1562 s

3K2A1594 ds

3K2A1604 s

3K2A1607 s

3K2A1614 s

3K2A1619 s

3K2A1675 s

3K2A1698 s

3K2A1681 s

3K2A1689 s

3K2A1663 s

3K2A1730 s

3K2A1745 s

3K2A1739 s

_MG_9412 s

3K2A1622 s

3K2A1624 s

3K2A1777 s

3K2A1781 s

3K2A1786 s

3K2A1792 s

3K2A1849 s

_MG_9423 s

3K2A1977 ds

3K2A1956 ds

3K2A1961 s

3K2A2122 ds

3K2A2141 s

3K2A2135 s

3K2A1886 s

3K2A1989 s

3K2A2065 s

3K2A1895 s

3K2A2001 s

3K2A2131 s

3K2A2149 s

3K2A2025 s

3K2A2041 ds

3K2A2161 s

3K2A2178 ds

3K2A2195 s

April 5, 2015

The Brightest Smile Comes Out with Tears

Nat&Rob_104_3K2A2558 s

Nat & Rob


A very special day full of emotions & Love.

Ceremony: Byron View Farm

Reception: Belongil Bistro

Celebrant: Michelle Shannon

Wedding Planning: Roxanne@Frank & Joy 

Nat&Rob_101_3K2A2528 s

Nat&Rob_102_3K2A2536 s

Nat&Rob_103_3K2A2546 s

Nat&Rob_119__MG_9555 s

Nat&Rob_105__MG_9448 bw s

Nat&Rob_106__MG_9468 s

Nat&Rob_109__MG_9489 s

Nat&Rob_111__MG_9492 s

Nat&Rob_118__MG_9531 s

Nat&Rob_114__MG_9510 s

Nat&Rob_107_3K2A2578 s

Nat&Rob_117__MG_9525 ds

Nat&Rob_115__MG_9522 s

Nat&Rob_110_3K2A2582 s

Nat&Rob_113__MG_9503 ds

Nat&Rob_108__MG_9479 s

Nat&Rob_144__MG_9614 9

Nat&Rob_145_3K2A2795 s

Nat&Rob_142_3K2A2786 s

Nat&Rob_141_3K2A2784 s

Nat&Rob_133_3K2A2694 s

Nat&Rob_139__MG_9591 s

Nat&Rob_137_3K2A2740 bw s

Nat&Rob_135_3K2A2707 s

Nat&Rob_138_3K2A2760 s

Nat&Rob_136__MG_9583 s

Nat&Rob_153_3K2A2849 s

Nat&Rob_155__MG_9667 s

Nat&Rob_157__MG_9680 s

Nat&Rob_149_3K2A2829 s

Nat&Rob_151_3K2A2839 s

Nat&Rob_150_3K2A2835 s

Nat&Rob_156_3K2A2868 s

Nat&Rob_121__MG_9558 s

Nat&Rob_122__MG_9559 s

Nat&Rob_101_3K2A2601 bw s

Nat&Rob_123_3K2A2620 s

Nat&Rob_125_3K2A2633 s

Nat&Rob_127__MG_9569 s

Nat&Rob_126_3K2A2651 s

Nat&Rob_124_3K2A2630 s

Nat&Rob_132_3K2A2690 s

Nat&Rob_128_3K2A2676 s

Nat&Rob_129_3K2A2679 s

Nat&Rob_131__MG_9573 s

Nat&Rob_130_3K2A2681 s

Nat&Rob_143__MG_9609 s

Nat&Rob_134_3K2A2699 s

Nat&Rob_101_3K2A2842 s

Nat&Rob_140_3K2A2770 s

Nat&Rob_154__MG_9653 s

Nat&Rob_148_3K2A2818 s

Nat&Rob_147_3K2A2806 s

Nat&Rob_161__MG_9698 s

Nat&Rob_162_3K2A2917 bw s

Nat&Rob_160_3K2A2884 s

Nat&Rob_163__MG_9704 s

Nat&Rob_165_3K2A2941 s

Nat&Rob_164_3K2A2936 s

Nat&Rob_166__MG_9711 s

Nat&Rob_168__MG_9723 s

Nat&Rob_158__MG_9686 s

Nat&Rob_159__MG_9688 s

Nat&Rob_167__MG_9717 s

Nat&Rob_175__MG_9735 s

Nat&Rob_169_3K2A2979 s

Nat&Rob_176_3K2A3030 s

Nat&Rob_170_3K2A2983 s

Nat&Rob_171_3K2A2989 s

Nat&Rob_177__MG_9740 s

Nat&Rob_187__MG_9771 s

Nat&Rob_174_3K2A3028 s

Nat&Rob_173_3K2A3015 s

Nat&Rob_172_3K2A3010 s

Nat&Rob_181_3K2A3053 s

Nat&Rob_192__MG_9791 s

Nat&Rob_182_3K2A3059 s

Nat&Rob_193__MG_9793 s

_MG_9760 s

Nat&Rob_184_3K2A3066 s

3K2A3102 ds

Nat&Rob_178__MG_9748 s

Nat&Rob_180__MG_9752 s

Nat&Rob_179__MG_9750 s

Nat&Rob_196__MG_9810 s

Nat&Rob_194__MG_9806 s

Nat&Rob_195__MG_9809 s

Nat&Rob_191__MG_9788 s

Nat&Rob_190__MG_9781 s

Nat&Rob_198__MG_9834 s

Nat&Rob_200__MG_9852 s

Nat&Rob_201__MG_9875 s

Nat&Rob_199__MG_9851 ds

Nat&Rob_203__MG_9903 s

Nat&Rob_102__MG_9983 s

Nat&Rob_101_3K2A3116 s

3K2A3112 bw s

Nat&Rob_206_3K2A3121_N s

Nat&Rob_102_3K2A3157 s

Nat&Rob_101_3K2A3155 s

3K2A3168 s

Nat&Rob_207_3K2A3189 s

Nat&Rob_210_3K2A3215 s

Nat&Rob_221__MG_0223 s

Nat&Rob_209__MG_9993 s

Nat&Rob_208_3K2A3194 ds

Nat&Rob_217__MG_0128 s

Nat&Rob_212__MG_0040 ds

Nat&Rob_101__MG_0026 ds

Nat&Rob_215__MG_0090 s

Nat&Rob_214__MG_0073 s

Nat&Rob_211_3K2A3219 s

Nat&Rob_102__MG_9822 s

Nat&Rob_222__MG_0238 ds

Nat&Rob_224__MG_0258 s

Nat&Rob_225__MG_0289 s

Nat&Rob_226__MG_0295 s

Nat&Rob_219_3K2A3353 s

Nat&Rob_255_3K2A3655 s

Nat&Rob_249_3K2A3631 s

Nat&Rob_231__MG_0325 s

Nat&Rob_227_3K2A3383 bw s

Nat&Rob_271__MG_0694 s

Nat&Rob_230__MG_0313 s

Nat&Rob_253__MG_0477 ds

Nat&Rob_229_3K2A3411 s

Nat&Rob_232__MG_0332 s

Nat&Rob_233_3K2A3518 bw s

Nat&Rob_235_3K2A3569 s

Nat&Rob_238_3K2A3594 ds

Nat&Rob_240__MG_0346 ds

Nat&Rob_237_3K2A3590 s

Nat&Rob_241__MG_0347 ds

Nat&Rob_244__MG_0358 s

Nat&Rob_245__MG_0366 s

Nat&Rob_243_3K2A3605 bw s

Nat&Rob_246__MG_0368 s

Nat&Rob_247__MG_0383 s

Nat&Rob_101_MG_0416 s

Nat&Rob_251_3K2A3644 s

Nat&Rob_257_3K2A3708 s

Nat&Rob_256_3K2A3658 s

Nat&Rob_258_3K2A3721 s

Nat&Rob_267__MG_0659 ds

_MG_0591 s

_MG_0688 ds

_MG_0683 s

Nat&Rob_272__MG_0706 s

_MG_0560 s

_MG_0577 s

_MG_0573 ds

_MG_0575 s

_MG_0542 s

_MG_0736 s

_MG_0626 s

Nat&Rob_269_3K2A3798 s

January 31, 2015

A Summer Day with Tahnee & Brett

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A Summer Day with Tahnee & Brett from Yan Chen on Vimeo.

sun scream,
sweaty shirts,
salty smell in the sea breeze, and
the strawberry ice cream dripping on the fingers…

One day in the high of Queensland Summer,

we drove 100km back to Noosa headland where Brett popped Tahnee the question,

to photograph their engagement photos.

It was just a lovely hang.

Tahnee + Brett Engagement Photography @Noosa
Music: Isbells – ‘Elation’
Photography & Editing: Yan Chen Photography

DSC01030 s
DSC01028 ds
DSC01460 s
DSC01158 s
DSC01167 s
DSC01063 ds
DSC01074 ds
DSC01086 s
DSC01093 s
DSC01118 s
DSC01130 ds
3K2A0388 ds
DSC01464 s
3K2A0445 s
3K2A0412 s
DSC01247 s
DSC01313 s
DSC01224 s
3K2A0458 ds
DSC01205 s
DSC01213 s
DSC01292 s
DSC01324 s
DSC01465 s
DSC01343 s
DSC01357 s
DSC01402 ds
DSC01447 ds
DSC01485 s
DSC01473 s
DSC01479 s
3K2A0516 ds
3K2A0527 s
DSC01507 s
DSC01522 s
DSC01554 ds
DSC01565 s
3K2A0531 s
DSC01144 s
DSC01597 s
DSC01620 s
DSC01628 s
DSC01634 s.jpg
DSC01647 s
DSC01659 s
3K2A0546 s
3K2A0554 s
DSC01686 s
DSC01691 s
DSC01707 s
DSC01703 s
DSC01731 s
DSC01721 s
DSC01598 s

June 25, 2014

Eddie & Dylan

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Eddie & Dylan’s Wedding

A beautiful l autumn day in Peachester, Sunshine Coast

3K2A6351 bws

3K2A6387 bw s

3K2A6426 bw s

3K2A6453 bw s

3K2A6410 bw s

3K2A6459 s

3K2A6472 s

3K2A6558 bw s

3K2A6562 bw s

3K2A6492 s

3K2A6516 bw s

3K2A6528 bw ds

3K2A6531 bw s

3K2A6542 s

3K2A6549 bw s

3K2A6568 s

3K2A6578 bw s

3K2A6591 bw s

3K2A6619 bw s

3K2A6665 s

3K2A6637 bw s

3K2A6583 s

3K2A6650 bw s

3K2A6612 bw s

3K2A6631 bw s

3K2A6671 bw s

3K2A6678 bw s

3K2A7344 bw ds

3K2A7363 s

3K2A6565 s

3K2A6763 s

_MG_7544 s

_MG_7551 s

3K2A6697 s

3K2A6700 s

_MG_7557 bw s

_MG_7561 bw s

_MG_7575 ds

_MG_7563 s

_MG_7598 ds

_MG_7617 ds

_MG_7637 s

3K2A6708 s

_MG_7671 s

3K2A6731 s

3K2A6778 s

3K2A6745 s

_MG_7698 ds

3K2A6828 s

3K2A6866 s

3K2A6929 s

3K2A6946 s

3K2A6841 s

3K2A6842 s

3K2A6769 s

3K2A6994 s

3K2A7056 s

3K2A7044 s

3K2A6964 s

3K2A7179 s

3K2A7102 bw s

3K2A7120 bw s

3K2A7150 s

3K2A7217 s

3K2A7350 s

3K2A7222 s

_MG_7807 s

_MG_7795 s

3K2A6760 ds

3K2A7424 s

3K2A7411 s

3K2A7283 s

3K2A7239 s

3K2A7286 s

3K2A7553 s

3K2A7463 ns

3K2A7469 s

3K2A7484 s

3K2A7479 s

3K2A7503 bw s

3K2A7514 s

3K2A7520 s

3K2A7508 s

3K2A7358 s

3K2A7378 s

3K2A7335 ds

3K2A7389 s

3K2A7249 s

_MG_7712 s

3K2A7560 s

3K2A7595 s

3K2A7565 ds

3K2A7430 s

3K2A7297 s

3K2A7653 s

3K2A7641 s

3K2A7647 s

_MG_7952 s

3K2A7660 s

3K2A7635 ds

3K2A7622 bw s

3K2A7689 bw s

3K2A7721 s

3K2A7670 s

3K2A7679 s

3K2A7733 s

3K2A7694 s

3K2A7659 ds

3K2A7738 s

3K2A7757 s

3K2A7760 s

3K2A7774 s

3K2A7740 s

May 18, 2014

Claire & Jason

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Had a Saturday adventure with this shy but lovely couple doing their pre-wedding shot in the Mid April.

We started the shooting from Brisbane CBD and drove all the way up to Montville.

It was delightful

 3K2A8111 s

3K2A8030 s

3K2A8052 s

3K2A8208 s

3K2A8153 s

3K2A8160 s

3K2A8247 s

3K2A8252 s

3K2A8272 s

3K2A8282 s

3K2A8304 s

3K2A8322 s

3K2A8335 s

_MG_8029 s

3K2A8364 s

3K2A8439 s

3K2A8420 s

3K2A8526 ds

3K2A8551 s

3K2A8560 s

December 27, 2013

Miranda & Dan

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Miranda & Dan


Cedarville, Dunoon, NSW

October 17, 2013

Kirsite & Pat, Brisbane

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just to post a few hight light photos of this lovely couple Kristie & Pat, recently married last weekend~

September 22, 2013

A tree that witnesses

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Some months ago, Tim proposed Jess under a Pandanus tree at Fingal Heads.

He scored. The happy couple are getting married next month.

So in the first weekend of Sept, we went back to exactly where they engaged to shoot the pre-wedding photos.

The location is a bit far away from to the nearest car park.

We climbed up the hill,  through a sandy & sloppy path,then some steps and boardwalk.

We passed around a small light-house, and then walked along a winding and windy ridge.

There were hundreds of Pandanus spreading around this side of hinterland. They all looked pretty similar.

Tim, however, soon spotted and recognised the one they engaged at without a doubt.

Here is the tree we were looking for. It is big and tall as a Pandanus.

It got a few strong branches stretch towards sky, but there are also couple broken ones.

It must have a hard life.

It is standing a spot that just a few feet from a rocky cliff face, with strong sea breeze whistling all year round.

It has been witnessing the how the ocean moves and how the rocks shattered, days in and days out.

Now it is witnessing something new as amazing as all that, something that called


August 27, 2013

Robyn & Tom

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Just came back from Robyn & Tom’s wedding last Saturday.

Here post a few sneaky peek of Robyn getting ready before the ceremony.

July 31, 2013

2nd Season Highlights

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While my wedding photography business is being slowly expended
I don’t have as much time organise online album/slideshows as in the past
I am hoping to get back to it soon with a brand new website
Meanwhile I will just post some recent highlight wedding photos here
Wish you like them : )

– Amy & Rob –

Sprout Cafe, Auchenflower

May 2013

– Julie & Andrew –

Brisbane City

May 2013

– Lisa & Rob –

Mavis’s Kitchen, Mt Waring, NSW

Jun 2013

– Robyn & Tom –

Engagement Photos, Brisbane Power House

Jun 2013

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