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January 31, 2015

A Summer Day with Tahnee & Brett

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A Summer Day with Tahnee & Brett from Yan Chen on Vimeo.

sun scream,
sweaty shirts,
salty smell in the sea breeze, and
the strawberry ice cream dripping on the fingers…

One day in the high of Queensland Summer,

we drove 100km back to Noosa headland where Brett popped Tahnee the question,

to photograph their engagement photos.

It was just a lovely hang.

Tahnee + Brett Engagement Photography @Noosa
Music: Isbells – ‘Elation’
Photography & Editing: Yan Chen Photography

DSC01030 s
DSC01028 ds
DSC01460 s
DSC01158 s
DSC01167 s
DSC01063 ds
DSC01074 ds
DSC01086 s
DSC01093 s
DSC01118 s
DSC01130 ds
3K2A0388 ds
DSC01464 s
3K2A0445 s
3K2A0412 s
DSC01247 s
DSC01313 s
DSC01224 s
3K2A0458 ds
DSC01205 s
DSC01213 s
DSC01292 s
DSC01324 s
DSC01465 s
DSC01343 s
DSC01357 s
DSC01402 ds
DSC01447 ds
DSC01485 s
DSC01473 s
DSC01479 s
3K2A0516 ds
3K2A0527 s
DSC01507 s
DSC01522 s
DSC01554 ds
DSC01565 s
3K2A0531 s
DSC01144 s
DSC01597 s
DSC01620 s
DSC01628 s
DSC01634 s.jpg
DSC01647 s
DSC01659 s
3K2A0546 s
3K2A0554 s
DSC01686 s
DSC01691 s
DSC01707 s
DSC01703 s
DSC01731 s
DSC01721 s
DSC01598 s


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