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May 31, 2012

Lyon, it has been too long 1

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the view from window of my room, Lyon

I arrived this single room of student accommodation on the hill side above the Vleux Lyon.

Its ad was spotted on a french student forum, which only asked 14 euro for one night. The owner was going oversea and just wanted to get some rent back.

I had a look around around – there were a small kitchen, en suite toilet, a very efficient heater and bed with clean bedding in the room – no complaint at all to a budget backpacker..

There is also a window facing east, overlooking the Lyon city and the river.

It seems Jia, friend of the room owner, who was arranged to pick me up and to take the rent, had pre-heat the heater before i arrived. The glass of the window was a bit steamy.

I pushed open the window.

There was the late December fresh cold air came straight onto my face,  followed by the surrounding grey purple landscape in the dusk. It’s just calming.

I remember I could see the last couple leaves struggling to hang on on the tree; in the building across the carpark, people started coming home from work and the yellowish lights being turned on one by one; and the white smoke came out from the chimney far beyond…

The next day I woke up early, was eager to wander around the city.

I climbed up the thousands of granite steppers up the hill to the Baslilique, got around wavy footpaths and narrow alleyways through the old town, all the way back to the river, cross the bridge head into the city.

Guess everyone come to Lyon from north the first time, specifically from Paris, one thing they may notice that is the Lyonians are just FRIENDLY – seems everyone i walked passed were smiling and noded at me.

There was a lovely gentleman feeding pigeon on the bridge in the morning sunlight.  I wanted take a sneaky shot for this scene, but he has sharp eyes and saw me holding the camera.

“Rolleiflex!..” He spoke happyly, followed by a whole bunch words that i completely missed.

Then he stood still there, relaxed and hinted me it was okay to take photographs of him. After I finished, he came towards me said something again. This time I could catch a word.

“Café?”He repeat couple times.

We ended up having coffee together in a local cafe and chatted about stuffs that neither of us understands… Just in the morning, because of  this new met friend, I found the sweetness in Espresso and become addicted to it.

In the rest of two days, I met quite a lot nice and interesting Lyonian, and they are the last memory I will forget about Lyon…


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