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February 19, 2012

what RED means to you?

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it means to stop, it means revolution, it can mean dizzy, but in a good way~ but to top of that, it means Home Festival 2012!

If you can still remember we enjoyed the comfy winter sunshine of Brisbane, shared great local music, food, laugh, joyfulness and the community value in Home Festival 2011, it is coming back this year on 21st July! Yesterday we had a simple but warmhearted launch gathering at Raymond Park to kick off the celebration. It’s a delightful to see some old and fresh faces.

Here are some happy snaps. Starting with the Home Festival 2012 no-so-official drink , Cranberry juice, which perfectly match the theme colour of this year’s festival – RED

see more photos of Home Festival 2011if you miss it




  1. Red means warning, warming and oppression, it means danger, fear and signs of repression, it certainly is not a colour of happiness.

    This is Kangaroo Point – not West End

    A lovely, untouched community that does not require the kind of “inclusion” you wish to involve us in.

    Bring your children to our community and attend our schools, build businesses in our community, but please do not try to take over our public spaces with your agenda.

    I Challenge you with this – how many people in that last photo live within the 4169 postcode

    Comment by Living in KP — February 22, 2012 @ 1:02 am

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I am actually not in the home festival organize team and i don’t live in KP, but Home Festival have received a lot positive feedback last year, and many of them are from the residents in Kangaroo Point. If you happened to miss it, maybe just go there and be part of the coming one on 21st July, try to stay for a while to get the atmosphere. If you bring kids then most likely you could see how instantly they would enjoy the friendly environment of the festival, among other children, no matter they from KP or other neighboring communities.

      Nevertheless, i think home festival don’t have a big agenda to take over the public space, but just celebrating life with friends and family in the park one day in a year. I wish if you could make it to the festival and hopefully that could change your opinion.

      Comment by cyan6 — February 22, 2012 @ 10:25 pm

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