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January 16, 2009

interview with students of Sir JJ’s College of Art

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Nikko, Khandar and Adamane
Students of Sir JJ’s College of Art, Mumbai
Y: How did you feel when you first heard about the terrorist attack happened in Mumbai? Did you worry about your personal safety?
Nikko: People started to call each other about the news after they saw the TV live news. My friend and family asked if I was safe because our college is near the area where the attack occurred. It was a new kind of terrorist attack that what I had heard in India. I felt the city was unsafe.
Khnadar: It was terrible. I actually live few blocks away from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel…
Y: You must be shocked.
Khnadar: Yes. The police locked down the whole district, but I could still see what was happening there. I just could not believe what I saw.
Adamane: There was a few days I felt my life was unsecured. Some time I even felt the terroristsmight just standing or passing around me.
Y: Have you seen any obvious changes before the tragic and after in the city?
Nikko: Mumbai is a very fast-going city. It is the economic headquarter of India. After the attack, the daily life in the city keeps move on as usual. Before the attack, hundreds of, may be thousands people hung around the India Gateway after work…but days after the attack, at around 6 pm., I can only see 40s people there.
Adamane: There are lots of police and armed guard around the important places, what make me feel the atmosphere of the city. People still have their daily routine, but the tragedy still in our mind.
Y: As one of the young college students, the most energetic group of the Mumbai citizen, what are your says to the attack?
Nikko: I hate what the terrorists did. We have been to a protest a few days after the attack. We showed our anger to the national terrorism from Pakistan.
Y: Any actions other than that?
Nikko: We don’t have too much to do. As art students, however, we can send out the message in our painting and other artworks, and that is what I am going to do.
Khandar: I think though this disaster, our people have realized that we didn’t have the proper sense to prevent the potential crises in the past. We should improve our alert system and the cooperation among different departments of law enforcement and the citizens.
Y: The last question is for our lady. Nowadays, India is a very fast-growing country. The tradition and religion-based lifestyles have been challenged and even modified. As a woman in the new generation, how do you see the social changes on Indian women and on yourself?
Khandar: Many women still have the traditional way of life, but I actually enjoy the changes on women in our generation. We have the opportunities to be better educated than in the past. Now we are able to work along with men but not only to be housewifes or to treat men as our bosses. New Indian women have improved their social statues. To me, I would like to be an independent woman.
Y: So what do you want to do after you graduate from the college?
Khandar: (laugh) I am not sure but I hope I can figure it out soon.
Y: I finished all my questions. Thank you.
Nikko, Khandar and Adamane: Namaste (good bye).


Folky: Yes, the indian police is so loose. they are not able to deal with the terrorists and they could not even stop the theft to steal my cameras…
Louis: How about you ar? I haven’t seen any pictures from you about your Egypt tour.
Xaio Xia: Yes, tomorrow will be all fine.
Sasa, Kingsue: Yes, I have tried that hard to enjoy the trip of India without camreas, but what I finnaly found was that I only saw the dirty, noisy, crowdy and discusting side of India without cameras. Only though the lens, I see the all the beauties of it. I feel sad about this conclusion, but that is me.


  1. "what I finnaly found was that I only saw the dirty, noisy, crowdy and discusting side of India without cameras." HAHA, the same as me in Egypt. In fact, that is exactly the worth I see for your trip. Because, NOW, you know what the true india is. ( not as beautiful as in photo albums, huh?)You know what, I have just watched "Slumdog Millionaire" in cinema and found many things in common between India and Egypt. But onething I can make sure myself is that, in Egypt, it is absolutely safer than India. There is no filching, no robbery, no racketeer ( just several terrorist attacks happened many years ago, and some merchandisers overcharging foreign tourists). All these may be owing to the faith of Arabs to the CORAN.(PS.: if you want to see my pics in Egypt, You are welcome to my Blog or FB)

    Comment by louis — January 17, 2009 @ 12:23 am

  2. 我对印度的体会也是同样的,似乎只有通过误解才能给自己带来一些平静。ps, 印度mm还是很漂亮的…有一次我们走在jaipur的集市中,一辆人力车从身边骑过,上面两个穿白色莎莉只露出眼睛的女子回眸看着我们,那一刻真是美极了,已经没有反应要去拿相机了…

    Comment by folky — January 18, 2009 @ 7:00 am

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