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December 2, 2008

sth about M7

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Arcing across Sydney’s west, the new M7 motorway, by Conybeare Morrison and Context, is the result of a successful collaboration between the disciplines of urban design, landscape design and engineering.
PHOTOGRAPHY Brett Boardman

The Light Horse Interchange, where the M7 meets the M2 in Sydney’s west.

Noise walls on the M7.

The surrounding parkland is visible through transparent noise screens on the Hoxton Park viaduct.


Internal view of a shared path bridge over a local road. Four shared path bridges cross the M7.

The shared path bridge crossing the M7 at Cecil Hills.

Quakers Road bridge over the M7, an example of the coloured blade walls, which clad the piers of a number of bridges.

Part of the artwork at the Light Horse Interchange, which represents a parade of the light horsemen of the First World War. Wire plumage mimics the distinctive emu feathers worn in the slouch hats of the diggers.

Illuminated pyramid marker at the southern end of the M7, where it intersects with the M5.





Hassell Warry Street Office Opening
27th Nov, 2008
about Leica M7
Hassell 的新办公室开幕Party
M7 无疑是好机器,但我想要用处客观的态度去体验手上的工具
机器本身并不重, 但机身无任何突出物去让手舒适地扶持机器,只能费用一点力的握着
因为机器贵,所以加倍用力, 免得摔地了
about Summicron 35/2
全开光圈焦内锐度接近G28/2.8 的f4,非常优秀
但景深非常浅,即使M7有着明亮取景窗, 要精确对焦也不容易
让我相信35/1.4 不适合我的人文路线
这是Summicron 35/2一样非常危险的特性 :)
拉姆勒斯@his kitchen
拉姆勒斯将要回台湾, 上周六邀Evan 和我赴宴
只为了吃过他的菜的人讲一声 [good]
。。。虽然这个good 有50% 是在他的反复要求+威逼利诱之下说的,但不能否认他煮的很不错
希望你早日找到那个要一辈子吃你煮的饭的女生吧 :)

photo by Evan


  1. 公路状况比LA好太多了……

    Comment by Leo — December 2, 2008 @ 4:51 am

  2. 侧面几有型窝~~ 不过都系英国人man,haha~

    Comment by Sirius — December 4, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

  3. 50%? Dont exaggerate the thing, right!?! I know what the latino\’s food looks like.

    Comment by louis — December 9, 2008 @ 10:24 am

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