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July 19, 2008

Ready for every challenge

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Training Day – Day One
Queensland Police Academy (QPA)
This perspective is the view in the residential unit with the sight of the Academy Hub through out of the window.
This image does not only aim at a representation of the building form, but also seek to embed a strong symbolic meaning of the design of QPA master plan. The fresher of the Queensland Police Academy today will be the fundamental forces of executing the law tomorrow; meanwhile, the new/renovated QPA is the place provides facilities to train the new generation of Queensland law enforcement. The theme of this work ’Training Day – Day One’ is about hope, desire, and the new generation.

This is my work for the 3D Visualization Competition in BNE Hassell office, and the result will be announced next Friday. Special thanks to Chun for technical support.


For my favorite city, for a particular person, I am not sure why I was doing this work. There was a moment I was thinking to quit because I was really short of time, and out off moods. But as myself always do, when I have determined to be in something I love, a game, a job or a relationship, I will do my best.


Never give up, never give in.  


Ye, God, if you can hear me, I am telling you I am ready for every challenge.








































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  1. 未来的警察宿舍? cool

    Comment by Lifeng Li — July 20, 2008 @ 7:31 pm

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