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March 15, 2008

Lali Puna

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Lali Puna
Valerie Trebeljahr – Vocals, Keyboard
Markus Acher – Electronix
Christoph Brandner – Drummer
Florian Zimmer – Keyboard
Lali Puna are from Munich, Germany. The band was brought to life in early 1998 by Valerie Trebeljahr who sings and plays keyboards. Having a lot of time on her hands after her all-girl-band L.B.Page had split up, she used the four-track-recorder as a kind of band replacement. Then came Markus Acher, relaxing from his The Notwist and Tied & Tickled Trio duties (and from living in a house with Mr. Morr) and thus he became Lali Puna’s second member. After some of those early four-track-recordings were released on the beautiful “Snooze”- 7-inch-ep on Hausmusik, it became clear that this music should also be played on stage. And so drummer Christoph Brandner (Tied & Tickled Trio, Console) and keyboarder Florian Zimmer (Iso68, Fred Is Dead) completed the band’s second incarnation.
In the summer of 2003, Lali Puna released their ‘Left Handed’ -EP on Morr Music, which displayed a significant musical progression as Lali Puna started using electric, distorted guitars which could not be heard on earlier releases. This helped shaping a yet more diverse and dynamic sound without neglecting Lali Puna’s past regarding their fragile and beautiful electronic compositions. (www.last.fm)
打开Li 1T 的移动硬盘时我在想,天怎么那么多东西,根本不知道要拷贝些什么。于是只是随便地把几个目录拖到我的硬盘内。结果换来硬盘的半身不遂,现在要打开里边的目录要很久,无从修复。但还是很高兴找到了Lali Puna 的音乐,很对味,非常清凉的downtempo+慵懒女声。


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