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February 28, 2008

A taste of Central Melbourne I

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Prince Bridge, Melbourne















Back from Mel, back to school n office, and back to my ordinary life.


A week ago, after few nights’ stay up I finally handed in all the assignments on time, then I jumped on a cab… I packed all my stuffs days before I took off, carried the luggage to my uni library and planed to go to the airport right after I finished my schoolworks. I thought it would work well but I still missed the flight. I took an alternative flight in the same day. When I was in Melbourne Avalon Airport, it’s already middle of nite.


The last morning in Melbourne, I left my passport at the place I stayed. I had to turned back to pick it up then I missed the airport shuttle bus. I had to catch a cab to the airport again. Fortunately I didn’t miss the flight this time. The first thing after I came back to Brisbane, was to go to uni and to have lecture, to feel all the stress attribute to the intensive work load in the coming semester…


School > Cab > Airplane

then Cab > Airplane > School,

That’s how my holiday starts, and how it ends…























Flinders St
















During the week I spent in Melbourne City, I took train to Melbourne Central Station in the late mornings, hopped off and went somewhere as far as I could, took some shots on the way, then turned back to Central Station at the end of the days and got back to sleep. That is where the title of this album first comes from. However, the word ‘central’ here has a further meaning in my mind… This album still needs to be complemented and organised, so hopefully the central thing can be expressed in the photos later on when the album gets finished. 


A taste of Central Melbourne… If I have an opportunity to choose a city in Australia I am going to stay after I graduate, Melbourne is definitely the place.
























Moonee Valley Racing Club























Moonee Valley Racing Club 
















加入了公司的photo club, 登记了个人space的网页,于是希望有多些时间写space的话就丽音双语,不然鬼佬看不明白。其实还是会以中文为主,因为英文太差不能很好的表达自己的意思。大家无聊没事做的时候,上来捧一下场之余也可以顺便就纠正语法,我的水平就是比四级英语改错题还要烂些。


墨尔本吸引我的地方就是它的文化氛围,从城市设计,多民族的融合,大小画廊博物馆,到街上人们的穿着… 尤其这最后一点,要知道在天气酷热的布里斯本,出门多以背心短裤加拖鞋示人,也就一民工的行头,基本无文化可言了。


不知道谁说过一句没到过赛马场就等于没到过墨尔本,加上在Sunny这职业赌徒的怂恿下,参加了一晚很没有规模的比赛。结果Sunny各花5 刀分散投资四场比赛,在一我搭讪回来的意大利老头的指导下赢了一场20 刀,没亏没賺;不过因为总算是赢了钱被迫隔天请了一顿宵夜,加上我在马场拍了半卷胶片,有几张还算过得去,这晚我完胜。





















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  1. 呵呵~~生活很充实嘛~怪不得N日唔见你莆头啦~

    Comment by Sirius — February 29, 2008 @ 2:17 am

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