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December 2, 2007

Pinar is going to get married

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(‘Lest we forget’ is writern on the card.)

Pinar is going to be Mrs. something~ On Monday!


This young and living Malaysian girl and I started to work in Hassell at the same day. We sit next to each other, and we have a very good mate ship. So of course I feel happy for her.


At the meanwhile, that will be a nightmare to me. When Pinar asked for 3 days off for her wedding, Dennis gave her a whole week.


It means I have to finish all Pinar’s behalf to catch the Airport Link’s due day. That is why I am still sitting in a huge empty office on Sunday nite alone, and probably I need to work every nite till late for next entire week, and there is no air condition in this damn offic after hours, I can barely take a breath…


Now I understand why people say, one woman’s wedding will always break one man’s heart. That is ture.















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  1. haha. you are so funny! add oil~~~ free on Wed? my graduation ceremony. meet u at Great Court at 3.30pm. i\’ll be there till 5pm:)

    Comment by Trista — December 3, 2007 @ 11:37 am

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