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October 20, 2007

[Nepal’s Fragile Peace] Jonas Bendiksen

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Overall of the tracks in James Blunt’s 2nd Album ‘All the Lost Souls’ is nice, but I typically love this song, ‘One of the Brightest Stars’. Classic!


Nepal stands before a historic crossroads. April 2006 saw the end of a ten-year Maoist insurgency, which nearly wrecked the Himalayan country. The civil war between the communist rebels and the Kathmandu-based government killed over 12,000 people, shattered countless thousands of families, and created tens of thousands internally displaced people.

The spring 2006 revolution brought a new alliance between Nepal’s democratic political parties and the Maoists, toppling the rule of King Gyenendra, who had assumed total political power over the country. The Maoists joined the political mainstream, their leaders came down from the hills to join the government, and the thousands of young fighters that formed their army have been interned at cantonment camps across the country. Elections for a new assembly that will rewrite the country’s constitution was set for November 22nd, 2007. But in September, the Maoists quit the government cabinet posts they were holding in the interim government, and threatened to boycott the historic November elections. The resulting crisis resulted in the elections being cancelled, with no new election date in sight.

For now, a fragile peace holds sway over the country, albeit with several violent flare-ups among the country’s many marginalized ethnic groups. Skepticism abounds about the future long-term settlement of the conflict, and fears of prolonged unrest is spreading throughout Nepal.

Jonas Bendiksen travelled around the country in April 2007, looking at Nepal under the current peace agreement.


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