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October 18, 2007

the ‘Block’

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Styx Valley, Tasmania
Tasmania locates 200 kilometres south of the eastern side of tAustralia, and Australia is far away from other continents, what makes the uniunique eco-system in the Tasmania rainforest. Now this treasurable landscape and natural souce is sieged by the Gunns, the Tasmania logging company. Several goupes of rainforest protector have set up their base camps in different parts in this mass jungle for years, and they are having a long-term war against the Gunns and police.
After having a great fun in the Pirate Party, with Dennies, Sy and Paul, I entered into the ‘Block’, one of their base camps, and spent 3 days there. Unfortunately, a shortage of films makes the limitation of my documentation.
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Styx Valley, Tasmania
When Tris made new friends in the camp, he asked: “are you arrestable?”
Arrestable is a make-up word, it combins the words arrest + able. For example, I am not arrestable, because I am an international student. If I make any trouble for the police, I will be sent back to China at once. Similarly, Denies is not arrestbale as well, because he is a middle school teacher, he will be fired if he is arrested. According to Tris, not every person was arrestable in the camp, so Tris was proud of his arrestable status.
The protectors usually set tents high up on the trees at the location, where the timber trucks of the logging company must past by. They set the tent on the tower trees somewhere 20-30 metres above ground, and the tent was tied up with a vertical timber pole that was hung on the top of the road. If the timber truck has to come through the road, it will hit the pole and the one who stays in tent will fall…
In most situations, the one in the tent didn’t fall down, but was taken off the trees by police.
I really wanted to climb up on the top of the trees. There must be wonderful views over there. However, I am not arrestable…
So the only thing I did was looking at Tris to climb up the trees, very very slowly.
The Gypsies in Tasmania Rainforest
Sleeping outdoor without any covering was painful when the bush fly were friendly, but after all I really enjoyed being in this rainforest. There I had the best improvisational music, muscles and oysters that were eatable right after be hunted, and a group of friendly strangers.
‘Music, love and peace’, from Hippy to Gypsy, this out of times catchword is stills their standard of living. Enviromentalism, antiwar, anti-globalism are their central concerns, or just the reasons they hang together and have fun. They present their dissatisfaction to the dark side of the mainstream, by their own voice.




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