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June 21, 2007

Auchenflower Transit Center

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Mixed-use Development
Auchenflower, Brisbane
不知道什么时候开始已经没有了那些天马行空的概念, 做的东西越来越实际, 这个是在Brisbane 市内Auchenflower一个靠着医院的火车站和周边地区的改造设计, 主题是土地用途的混合的发展( Mixed-use Development) 和建立在公共交通上的城市发展( Transit Oriented Development). 这两个课题比较有意思的是在中国它们很少被系统的分析和运用, 却自然而然的存在于城市设计中, 因为缺乏控制以至城市拢聚和人口的过于密集; 而在国外却是近30年来的新鲜事物…
Design Description
This mixed-use development design is not focus on a huge redevelopment, but aims at a practical concept for the existing site.
Main Context of the Study area
Low Utilized Railway Station:
Auchenflower Station
Mid-low Density Residential Area:
1-3 stories house is the main type of the housing in the site.
Wesley Hospital
Vertical Variety
There is 20 meters between the High-point and the Low-point.
Languished Commercial Area
       Poor-defined vehicle routes:
              The rail physically divides the site into 2 parts.
According the content of the site and the principle of TOD (Transit Oriented Development), the existing railway station can be reintegrated as a new transit center, and it’s going to be commercial core of this mixed-use development.
TOD Concept
Higher density mixed use development within walking distance of transit nodes
Design Principle (Bajracharya, 2007)
Development around transit nodes (e.g. railways, busways)
Mixed use
Focus on Public Realm
Housing diversity and higher density around transit node
Environmental sustainability
Permeable Site
“Permeable” is the first issue in Bentley’s theory of making responsible space, and it’s also the significant feature in Transit Oriented Development.
  1. Dixon St will be reshaped to adjust a unified and legible City Grid. It provides the possibility of a location for bus stop which is close to the Wesley Hospital. In addition, a bigger parking site will be set up to solve the insufficient of car park area of the hospital.
  2. According the two tunnels underneath the railway (one is on Dixon St and another one is on Cue St) are key nodes of vehicles’ circulation in the site, and the objective of generating least conflicts between the commercial area and the hospital (e.g. traffic jam and on-street parking may block the accesses for ambulances, noise, the conflicts between disabilities and vehicles), the new vehicle route will be set aside of the hospital area.
  3. The main pedestrian (walking street) will go through the new transit center and connect the Milton road and the river side.
4.   Bus stop and car park (temporary car park and drive-in commercial spaces) will be located on those intersections of pedestrian and main vehicle routes.
Commercial Space
Once a permeable and well-defined movement framework is set up, the whole precinct is tied together, and it provides a frontage for commercial spaces. By considering the possible tension between health care and commercial precinct, the commercial precinct would be strictly zoned on the opposite side of the hospital in the whole transit area, but there are still visual and flowing space linkage between them.
The new commercial spaces in the precinct is consisted by the transit plaza (main shopping mall), and its two extensional axis, the Lang and Aldridge shopping streets.
Residential Space and the Nursing House
In Jacobs’ theory, a moderate high density is one important feature in mixed-use development. An exploration of the definition of “resident” will possibly enlarge the amount of users of the precinct in future.
First way to increase the local population is to build a diverse housing, including affordable houses and relatively lofty houses. These mid-rise apartments will literarily sit in the most accessible places, and the ground level on these residential buildings which are fronting the main street and close to the transit center will be the retails and restaurants.
Secondly, a new senior community and a sanatorium (by using the restored buildings on Nixon St) will be set up in the blocks close to the hospital and on another side of railway. As a suburban health care hub, the 3 blocks, the Wesley Hospital, the senior community and the sanatorium will be connected by a bridge which is going to cross the railways station, and they will share the health care facilities, technology and medicinal staffs.  All the social and functional spaces, such as pharmacy, first-aid station, dining room and library, will be located on the lower levels. The structure of the senior community will be with corridors facing the inner garden, in order to bring all the social behaviours on the internal space to shape up a sense of community; this structure also follows the CPTED principles.
The health care hub will also offer other potential users of the site, such as increased hospital staff, volunteers (for the new nursing house), and the visitors and families members of the residents who perennial live in the nursing house.
Office Space
In the neighbourhood area of the site, there are remarkable numbers of office blocks, so the office space will be relatively subordinate in the site, and most of them will be close to the transit center.  Similarly, the footprint of these office spaces will be commercially used.
Landscape and Open Spaces
This design also concentrates in the landscape and serious of continuous spaces design, specially focus on the hierarchy of spaces -public space, semi-private spaces and private spaces, and the physical and visual linkage among those spaces.
Bajrachaya, B. 2007. Transit Oriented Development (TODTransit Oriented Development (TOD).

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