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May 29, 2007

presentaion summary

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Redevelopment Proposal
Southeast Precinct, QUT Garden’s Point Campust 
今天没片, 发图纸, 希望大家看得明白…
事实上它比我的英语易懂, 昨天的presentation讲得比较糟糕…
按道理和5 个澳洲人做的group work, 不会轮到我present, 分工时考滤到他们没有专业背景, 设计和图纸都是由我完成, 他们负责场地分析,组织和汇报, 但种种原因下, 最后还是临时让我上台汇报.  其实既然设计是自己做的, 自己最了解, present只不过是讲讲构思就可以了, 所以也不太在意. 但没有准备讲词多少有点儿紧张, 内容遗忘了很多.
幸好有模型, 中午把几个关键view做了动画, 当laptop和大屏幕连接起来的时候, 场下有点骚动, 我想大家已经不太在意我到底讲了什么…最后我变成了SKETCHUP promoter, 大家问我去哪download, 是否容易上手…
过去一个星期睡得太少了, 回到家有虚托的感觉, 打开电脑一口气写了一堆抱怨澳洲group mates如何懒惰, 把东西都推给我做的话…今天醒来一想, 其实就算这份proposal是个人的assignment, 我一样也是会这样用功去做好它, 现在一个人的东西让其他5 个人也都拿到了高分, 施与是快乐的过程, 应该更值得高兴.
不能说这份设计做得很好, 因为我不并不是建筑专业, 倒是因为澳洲的高等教育体制是很多MASTER 课程不需要本专业background, 相关专业就可以; 拿5个和我同组读城市规划的本土研究生来说, 平均年龄35+, 他们再去重新学专业的绘图软件似乎比较难, 所以在他们看起来用动画去presentation是多少有点不可思议, 但对这汇报同样的反应肯定不会在中国发生.
两个星期后还有一份project, 我要去吃兴奋剂了, 不然就会好象蛇仔同学患更年期忧郁症~
(回复楼下没有名字的同学, 那张片拍前和里边的人交谈了一会, 他们没有太大戒心, 所以有充裕时间去测光, 我用了台面的白纸+2EV和点测人脸的暴光几乎相同的数据暴光. 出片后暗部层次很好, 也预料到窗户的亮部一定是会过的, 用PS 压了压, 不过还是死白一片; 如果要说相机也有原因, 就是zeiss的光学造诣了, 不过镜头对宽容度表现的提高怎样都没有胶片大… 不知道这样答是否能另你满意)  
…The Master Plan rectifies existing problems with the City Walk, making wayfinding easier, incorporating public safety enhancements and creating a succession of active areas along the walk.  A key feature of our Master Plan is the Kindler Lawn and Pavillion, an innovation that re-links Old Government House with the Botanic Gardens and Kangaroo Point.  This new area creates an area suitable for students to relax, mingle and interact (the campus “back-yard”) with facilities to support concerts, public rallies and other outdoor events.
A new “Guild Hall” forms a boundary to the Kindler Lawn adjacent to the existing X Block.  This Guild Hall is the location of new refectory and the revitalized Guild bar with views over the Kindler Lawn, Kidney Lawn and the Botanic Gardens
The centre of the redeveloped precinct is the Science and Technology Teaching, Administration and Services Centre.  A mid rise building (10 storeys) incorporating a major new lecture theatre, smaller teaching and tutorial spaces, research and administration offices and on the lower levels a 25 metre swimming pool, gym and a student services area.
The final element of the design is the laboratory complex and gateway to the new precinct.  QUT Gardens Point has two clearly defined pedestrian entrances – George St and the Goodwill Bridge/Domain.  The redevelopment of George Street into a pedestrian friendly boulevard open to the Gardens has been a major success.  Campus design principles, the input gained from stakeholder consultation and observations of pedestrian, cyclist and motor traffic in the Domain clearly indicate that a major gateway development opposite the Goodwill Bridge is essential.  The two buildings of the laboratory complex, bring all laboratory resources into a single location built to contemporary standards and using adaptable design principles to ensure longevity of use.  The laboratory building and its companion administration and support building flank the new City Walk and also offer opportunities for active building frontages and an additional social interaction area…


  1. 感觉很不简单的样子^o^

    Comment by Trista — May 30, 2007 @ 7:21 am

  2. 谢谢对于没有名字的同学的回复 满意了哈

    Comment by jeff — May 30, 2007 @ 2:31 pm

  3. 做的时候往往都非常痛苦,尤其是临近结束…………东西搞掂了,自然心情都放松了好多好多。。。。有时候觉得,回想之前做的野,会得到好多对自己的启示。

    Comment by laputa — June 2, 2007 @ 3:14 pm

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