Le Fugitif

April 16, 2007

the faces fronting windows

Filed under: [2006-2010] Wind Talker | 风语者 — cyan6 @ 1:45 am
those faces are fronting windows
those fading, or ageless faces
quietly, they are watching the outside world,
the eventful world 
my face are fronting a window
that fading face
quietly, I see the reflection of my face
at those moments i wish i can copy myself,
for a less lonely world

最近看了面纱The Painted Veil
实在爱Naomi Watts 那张精致古典的脸
在凡世中渴望自由结果只能如河水里飘荡的树叶随波而流, 流啊流~
You enjoy feeling needed, dear Cancer, but today even you may throw up your hands and shout, "Enough already!" You have been giving so much of yourself for so long now that friends and loved ones tend to think of your largesse as a right, rather than a privilege. Today you can remind them of the error of their thinking. Take a day off from indentured servitude for a change.


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