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March 31, 2007

pirate party

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Weld Valley, Tasmania
Pirate Party
It’s hard to adjust their background, caz many of them are well educated; some have respected occupation and promising future. Meanwhile, they are bard, hobo, alcoholic, and druggy…
They define themselves "Gypsy".
Forrest significantly enriches Tasmania wild landscape, and logging is a big resource of the economical income. However, the long term over-chopping has rapidly decreased the virgin forest’s size. Recent years, the logging company has been active in the rainforest area of the Styx Valley, 60Ks west away of Hobart. They are terribly threatening the unique species of tree and the fragile eco-system in Tasmania.
That was why we were there — we were having this party and trying to send out our message of protesting the forests by music.
我很难定义他们的背景, 因为当中的人不乏受过高等教育, 有的有不错的职业, 教师, 音乐家, 农场主… 他们是酒鬼, 流浪汉, 瘾君子, 落魄的艺人
塔斯马尼亚州( Tasmania) 有很丰富的森林资源, 因而伐木业是岛上其中一项重要经济来源, 木材主要出口到日本. 森林是澳洲国有资源, 伐木公司是由政府以外判的形式分包作业. 尽管有重新栽植的措施, 但长年的砍伐导致原生林地大量减少. 近年伐木公司瞄向塔州东南部, 距首府霍尔巴特60 公里外Styx Valley 地区的原始雨林. 因为塔州远离澳洲大陆, 这里雨林中有独特的树种和生态系统.
这就是我们聚集在一起的原因, 希望透过音乐能把保护雨林的信息散发出去… 


  1. 从爱摄影上看到你的帖子,非常喜欢图片与文字中散发出的那种气质

    Comment by haifeng — April 3, 2007 @ 12:32 pm

  2. 恩,同感

    Comment by Sirius — April 5, 2007 @ 1:25 am

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