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March 14, 2007

a record

Filed under: [2006-2010] Wind Talker | 风语者 — cyan6 @ 4:12 am
Richmond, Tasmania
虽然含糊, 但很有启发
铭  02:04:42
eyson走的国家地理路线  eyson以后照相应该系统一些
eyson 02:05:37
铭, 有兴趣, 怎么说系统一些?
铭  02:05:37
图片编辑很重要 我也在摸索
eyson 02:07:26
铭  02:08:11
恩 你的照片很适合杂志呢
eyson 02:09:45
我是有投稿打算, 很向往自由摄影师的那种工作
铭  02:09:53
应该学习下图片编辑  有时候即使再好的照片我也不会放在一个不恰当的组里  那样破坏整体的气氛
eyson 02:10:16
铭  02:11:10
一个摄影师不太可能凭借一张照片出名  通常是一组
铭  02:12:10
我也在学   还有就是一张与下一张的排列顺序
maiam 02:12:48
maiam 02:13:04
eyson 02:13:12
eyson 02:13:54
eyson 02:14:00
铭  02:14:10
你最近的那组黑白很好  感觉比较连贯
铭  02:16:10
我觉得好象好的照片不应该都堆砌在前面 要有升有抑
靠~我都是说的感觉  还是没学过
eyson 02:16:32
maiam 02:16:36
eyson 02:17:34
问题一大堆片子, 要理出一个章法也非常头疼
铭  02:18:13
史密斯的照片都不允许别人编辑的  宁可不发表
同样的片子 不同的组合 几乎是不同的语境
eyson 02:18:50
铭  02:19:15
eyson 02:19:58
我从小看书只看画不看字, HEHE
maiam 02:20:21
You are speeding along in your vehicle and suddenly there is a huge ramp in front of you. You have the choice of avoiding the ramp, staying on the ground where you know that it is safe and clear, and being content with a very limited view of the world. Another choice, however, is to hit that ramp head-on and let it send you soaring up over the trees and beyond. Who knows where you might land? There is an incredible adventure waiting for you when you take that leap into the unknown.
Make sure that you are living your life consciously at this time, dear Cancer. It could be that you are going through a great deal of denial in which you simply refuse to see the truth of the situation. Open your eyes up to the world around you so that you may invite in joy and compassion. Don’t let yourself be satisfied with superficial interactions that don’t really fill you up.

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  1. The fact is that we will not be content with where we are. It is only a matter of time. Some take the adventure the moment they come to it. Some take time to think, and an decision is made after they get bored of their current situations. While there are still some, who want to go up the ramp, only find that this desire comes too late, for they cannot let go of what they have in their lives any more. 

    Comment by Trista — March 14, 2007 @ 8:30 am

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