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February 25, 2007

Gloaming Salamanca

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Salamanca, Battery Point
I was walking alone in a strange city, strange streets, chatting with strangers; but I wasn’t in a strange mood –I looked forward this moment all the time.
When I was younger, I was quite into computer’s western Role Play Game. In the games, my roles used to spend a little time in taverns once he got new towns. You could get lots of handy information by talking with NPCs, or shouting new friends bear. Some time you even got some extra interesting tasks. That was the way I spend the first night in Hobart (except the shouting): first I love joining the crowd; second, I didn’t have too much time for planning my journey ahead -I borrowed a book about Tasmania before the day I took off, and I browsed several pages of it during my flight with interest…
Then I felt asleep.

I am not a good planner.
Aussie loves alcohol. You can easily find drunkers on the street in daytime -probably they are not good drinker (just a guess, I have never had a drinking competition with them). In this pub, however, I felt lucky that I saw signs of getting drunk on peoples faces, but most of they were still quite friendly.
Thus, after few chitchat, I knew the spot where I was staying. Salamanca Place. According to its special location -it’s very close to the main dock -and the architectural style and construction, I would say it once was the warehouse and market which supply foods and goods for ships were visiting or departing.
Today, Salamanca is ideal complex for experiencing the art atmosphere in Tasmania. The most common arrangement in this whole area is composed by art studios on level 3, galleries and display spaces on level 2, and craft shops, pubs, restaurants on ground level. In addition, there is a special fund running by Tasmania government which is for supporting the artistic stuff around here. Therefore, it congregates not only hits of tourists, but also many artists who decided to stay and set up their business. If an artist who works here cannot make a wealth, at least he dont have any problem to earn a piece of bread.
When the girl in this picture knew I was a Chinese, she was so happy to “Hello” to me in mandarin; and knowing me shot her, she insisted on taking me pictures for return. She taught me where to stand and how to pose, and then pressed the shuttle several times in one breath. Of couse I smiled; but at the same time I was thinking, “Oh, no, I should have brought a digital camera for this case. Films are costly…” After I got the results of my films, none of the pictures she took is clear. But, thanks her, I have my only souvenir picture for this Tasmania trip. :)
I could see the bear in my glass, the rising bubbles; and the reflections on the glass, the purple gloaming, and the old-fashion buildings; through the glass, I saw the faces surrounding me, the dizzy, laughing and swinging faces.
I just had one glass at that night –
But sometime, you’ll find that what make you drunk is not only the alcohol…
年轻时,有段时候沉浸在西方角色扮演类的电脑游戏。在游戏中,自己控制的角色每到一个新城市,总会先花些时候到当地的酒馆和里边每个NPC闲聊,收集情报,有时还能得到一些有趣的任务。在Tasmania 行程的头一晚,也相若这般:一来自己喜欢凑热闹; 二是因为来之前并没有时间周长计划 –临走的时候,象征性的到市中心的图书馆借了本旅游书收进背包,在飞机上兴致勃勃翻了两页。。
澳洲人很喜欢酒精,天没黑就能在街上就能看到酒醉的人,或者他们酒量都不好。。(猜的,没较量过)幸好酒吧里的人虽然都有些醉意,不过大多友善。于是很快我便知道所处的地方叫Salamanca Place。从它接近中心港口的地理位置,还有建筑风格、分布推断,大概就是旧时的提供船只补给的仓库和市场。现在的Salamanca是一个体现Hobart 艺术文化的复合体 –这一街区建筑内最普遍的格局就是顶层的艺术工作室,二层的画廊、展示空间,到一层的手工艺纪念品商店,酒吧餐厅;除了吸引大量游客,还聚集了Tasmania 州众多的艺术工作者驻扎,塔洲政府每年有专项资金去支持他们的运作 –在这样的地方,搞艺术若不能混出名堂,至少也能混口饭吃。
倒数第二张的MM 知道我是中国人后,很兴奋地和连说几声中文“你好”,看到我拍她,坚持要换她拍我,还教我站位,然后拿起我的相机就刷刷的拍了数张。相片里我在笑,其实有点哭笑不得:只希望带个数码给她玩,底片贵呀。冲出来一看,她拍的几张都糊了。。不过还是谢谢她,总算有了一张自己这躺旅行的纪念照。
酒杯中我看到酒, 上升的气泡,映射到的黄昏浅紫色的天空;穿过酒杯看到那些被拉长的,微微泛着酒红色的笑脸。。。
Weekend,Salamanca Market




  1. Good Fun and Nice Shots Again!
    Lovely small places often are warm and inviting.
    One thing I am sure is that Britain is the drunkest country.

    Comment by LiaNg — February 26, 2007 @ 9:30 am

  2. 哇 哇 哇 哇 ,,,,,都第一次上你个BLOG哦,,,好多照片睇...多谢你D留言啊(已经尘封的BLOG因为你又有了点气息)

    Comment by laputa — February 27, 2007 @ 1:32 am

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