Le Fugitif

February 20, 2007


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This is my first attempt to finish a website. Click the button on right hand side of the webpage to play the tracks and to check other stuff.
I have been thinking about to learn webpage design and to make my personal webpage for about 2 years, but I haven’t never gotten start. But this time, from the Paul’s concept of recording our words to Helena, to a CD with background music, to this CD cover, to a website for sharing other classmates their own sound records, then to a tag board for keeping touch with each of us, all ideas is smoothly carried out one by one. However, since I don’t have any experience of sound mixing, specially webpage programme, it took me about 2 weeks to finish & improve this simple but meaningful task(althought it’s almost finished during my holiday in Tasmania). Specially thanks the passional technic supports from Jeff, Edward and Tony.
想去学住做自己的个人主页有段日子了,却从来没有兑现。Helena是我们的老师,她将回到墨尔本去继续她的学业,所以我们打算将每个人,或祝福或感谢的话都录下来给她;不知道构思如何就交到我手中去实行,便演变成刻录一张带背景音乐的CD,然后是上边的CD封面,到做一个网页和同学分享他们自己的录音,让大家保持联络。在这里特别鸣谢Jeff, Edward 和Tony 的技术支援。

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