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July 28, 2006


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Nationalitic Recognize
I don’t know how did the words come to my mind but, once you are having a class in such a international group, you will find it’s a little bit weird why Chinese are the only people don’t use their own name in our own language. You can find someone call occidental name like Jacky, Jimmy, Johnny or somthing but has a oriental face. And the other people come from other places of Asian, even from East Europe, South American, they just use their given name since them bron. I have met a new friend already got 2 children called Farla, who comes from a Arabia country I never hear. Here we got Masara comes from Mexico, have 2 family names and 2 given names as all the Mecican do, and the total amount of th lettle of her names is up to 30. We all have common sense that we usually overturn the order of family name and given name as our English name, but Japanese just overturn their family name’s lettle, like the familiar Japan sccore player Nakata in 10, his Japanese name sould be Takana.
Why Chinese don’t use their own name for international name? It would be a big question. What ever, Uncle Greg once asked me whether I wil choose Yan for my English name, I said yes, and he asked why, cause it will lead to some certain confuses what the English speaker will pronounce [jan] but not [yaen] the differnt way with Chinese, I said it’s ok.
First of all I like my name Yan, and secondly it’s quite easy to remember.


  1. 你个名就话好记嗟!有好多人既中文名用英文黎发音都唔好听或者好拗口,例如我个名,所以要起另外一个英文名咯!

    Comment by Myron — July 29, 2006 @ 1:35 pm

  2. 老公英文有进步的

    Comment by Carol — July 30, 2006 @ 7:28 pm

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